Personal Branding

Have you ever just needed a someone to give you a push across the finish line? Perhaps you have an idea but are too afraid to voice it out loud?  Or you want to start your own business but are unsure of the steps to take or that you are even ready to take to the leap. Or maybe you just need a career change. WONDERLOUD is the the place to start.

Let us help you figure it out. We are your Business Partner. Your Creative Partner. Your Thought Partner.  Everything we do is based on your voice. We just turn up the volume.

Branding for Non-Profits & Social Causes

Whether you are starting out, starting over or reviving your organization's identity, every non-profit – just like every individual – has its own intrinsic brand, and WONDERLOUD will help you discover yours. We work with you to uncover the personality, strengths, and value proposition inherent in your organization's identity. From there, we will identify your target audience and develop a plan for effective communication based on your unique brand. WONDERLOUD can also help you build your brand, developing a look and feel that resonates with your audience from logos to websites, we will manage the creative process ensuring that your brand makes an impact.  

It's not about making your organization or cause popular, it's about attracting the right people to your cause. With a well-defined brand, you can do that.  We can help.









We love a good picture.  We can help you showcase your brand with the right head shots for LinkedIn or create eye-catching images for your website that tell your story.  Why use stock photos when your own brand is so much better?

Video Marketing

We work with SDC Video to create branded video productions rich with stories and narratives and weave them with images, video, music and voice to add a human dimension filled with colourful characters, situations, experiences and insights. Sound good?

And Other Stuff

Together we work through the creative process ensuring that your brand comes to life in whatever medium you need.  And we help you figure it out. From logo creation to resume writing to even figuring out how much you need to Tweet!