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Attract The Right Audience

WONDERLOUD caters to individuals and organizations alike, with a focus on professionals on the brink of change and organizations that foster change.  We all have an intrinsic brand, and matching your brand to the right audience is the key to success.  

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Discover Your Personal Brand

Whether you are looking for a new career, trying to figure out your leadership style or just plain stuck, WONDERLOUD can help you isolate the problem and turn it into an opportunity.

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Score One For Your Non-Profit

Raising awareness for your cause takes dedicated staff, volunteers and a community of support. Oh and a whole lot of funding.  But competing for funding can be fierce. Having a strong dynamic brand helps you get noticed so you can beat the competition. 

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Ever Need A Sounding Board? How About One With A Springboard?

We listen as you "Wonder out Loud," drawing out your ideas and strengths through our unique combination of coaching and consulting. Together, we will discover and build your brand, creating an operating guide for your world.

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Together We Will Discover & Build Your Brand

WONDERLOUD is your business partner. Your thought partner. Your creative partner.  Everything we do is based on your voice.  We just turn up the volume.




We usually like to do this over coffee.


WONDERLOUD has been an essential part of my career development path. They have helped me identify creative ideas (that I didn’t know I had!) and brainstorm solutions to obstacles that have now enabled me to excel in my practise. WONDERLOUD is someone I would recommend to anyone struggling with their brand or lack of one! They have the unique ability to pinpoint what matters to you and your business and what steps to put in place to succeed. I LOVE working with WONDERLOUD!
— Roxanne Whiting, Director of Business Development at SWIFT Video Interpreting Services a division of SLIAO Inc.
WONDERLOUD provided invaluable advice, support and leadership through a dynamic rebranding process. The outcome is a fresh new look and feel for our 35 year old organization and we are thrilled. The process was energizing and positive much like WONDERLOUD itself!
— Karen Belyea, Executive Director at Total Communication Environment
WONDERLOUD has the unique ability to help leaders discover and articulate their most valuable strengths. Working with WONDERLOUD is like looking into a mirror that shows you the best possible version of yourself. WONDERLOUD gives you an action plan to help make that vision your reality then shows you how to turn the mirror around so that potential clients, employers, and customers can see what makes your personal brand stand out.
— Angela Wall Instructional Design | Project Management | Product Development
WONDERLOUD created a spirited brand that captures that heart of our social enterprise - and the tagline “Putting a fresh spin on community” perfectly represents what we do!
— Heidi LaChance, Operations Manager, Laundry Matters



WONDERLOUD is a coaching and consulting company focused on drawing out your ideas and helping you put them into action.  We do this by listening to what you have to say - and sometimes what you haven't said. Chipping and chiseling until we uncover your brand: an operating guide for your world.